Getting Ready for SE Get-together 09/05/2009

This road has a weekly accident, it seems.  I travel it a couple of times a day.
We saw this on the hood of one of our customer’s new car and almost had it washed until we looked closer.  Maybe it’s something for luck???
I’ve got just one car to chase and it’s just two blocks away.  Might be able to take care of that during lunch this afternoon.
I still have some things to take care of before the party tomorrow….like going to the grocery store.  I’m out of coffee and I can turn into a real bitch if I don’t get my daily overdose of caffeine.  LOL….Can’t deal with my pussy going into caffeine withdrawals either.
Tomorrow morning I’ll make my curry sauce and maybe get a chance to bathe my pussy.
By 3 o’clock, I’ll have had plenty of time to work myself up into a nervous frenzy about getting the stitches taken out and it will be time for a good hook of warm vodka while I wait for Teri to get here.
I am super excited about seeing everyone tomorrow.  Damn….it’s my first day off since August 9th.

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