I Finally Found A Poang Chair 11/25/2009

After e-mailing a few times with Robert on Craigslist yesterday, I now finally have my chair. 🙂  I was almost late for work because I kept on pulling over on the way to e-mail him back.  People behind me were probably going, WTF?  I really didn’t think I was going to get a chance to pick it up until today, but Robert was kind enough to deliver it to me at Miller’s around 8 o’clock last night.  It fit on the backseat of my xB without any problem.  By 10 PM I was sitting on it drinking a cup of tea. 🙂
Our dealership is closed tomorrow and I will spend the day at my sister’s in Manassas.  My Mom and Pop will join us there.  I can’t wait. 🙂
I have a few car chases today and some other stuff to take care of.  The only thing that could possibly happen to make my day would be for the sun to peek out a bit.  Oh well….can’t have everything, eh?
Here’s wishing that all of you have an enjoyable holiday!! 🙂

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