Sunshine finally and small getogether at Tommy’s Place 11/15/2009

What a nice feeling to have the sunshine warm my back while I’m sitting at my computer.  It’s going to be a great day….I just know it.
Cyndi, Ken, little Asia, Scott, and I had dinner after I got off of work at Tommy’s Place last night.  LOL…Cyndi took our picture.
Tommy's Place 11.14.09
That’s a Captain Morgan and Coke that I’m nursing there.  Yes, I know “Where is the Grey Goose?”.  I only wanted ONE drink and figured that this would last longer than straight shots of Vodka.
Can you believe how empty this restaurant is on a Saturday night?  Amazing….every other place would be packed at 7:30.  They have great food and I really don’t know why it doesn’t stay busy.  We have had SE car club meets here plenty of times.  It’s one of the few restaurants that can usually seat us together on weekends.
I was home around 10 and started playing doctor.  Hot tea and Alka Seltzer Cold Plus to stop this cold I feel coming on.  Hopefully, I caught it in time.  I feel fine this morning except for an occasional cough.
I stopped by the cashier’s office at out dealership the other day and saw that Sharon was getting busy putting up holiday decorations for Thanksgiving.
She does this for every holiday.  It’s always cheery to stop by her office. 🙂
Still no luck on finding chairs for my living room.  Maybe I’ll find something today while I’m out doing my laundry.  It’s a beautiful day and there ought to be some yard sales going on in my travels.  I’ll have to remember to take my tape measure with me. 🙂

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