This is the kind of results you get when you have a “real” camera…. 09/25/2009

Wilber's soccer game 055
Wilber's soccer game 056
…….a camera that costs more than 300 bucks, weighs more than a pound and doesn’t fit in your pants pocket.
Wilbur, one of our sales managers at Miller’s took this photo from the dealership last week.
Yesterday was a killer.  I got up at 4 AM to get started early before the traffic got out of control.  I knew I had to go through some major road construction to get to the first site.  It took 5 hours to photograph and document 61 pieces of heavy construction equipment on three different sites.  Luckily the sites were only a few miles apart.  The third site was a construction site with nothing but sand and dust surrounding the equipment.  I took close to 500 photos and have two more sites to go to.    Since it’s raining today, I will do that on Monday.  Good thing I took both cameras because one of them ran out of juice.
When I left the third site, I pulled over in a paved area and took a towel to clean myself up, before going on two car chases.  I had sand and dust everywhere.  LOL…..You can imagine what the Evil Twin looks like today.
I had just enough time to go back home, rip off my dusty, sandy clothes and jump in the shower before I headed to Miller’s. 
Today I have three car chases way out in Stafford and it’s raining like crazy.  I’m hoping that it will stop soon.  I don’t enjoy driving in this mess.

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