UPS Is On The Way :) 12/08/2009

These photos were taken yesterday afternoon.  Funny, I never seem to get tired of these sunsets.  I just wish they would last a little longer.
I just checked on my coffee pot order and it looks like it’s in Baltimore, MD.  I hope I get it before I have to go to work later this afternoon.  Would love to break it in before I go.
The snow is melting and it looks ugly now.   They’re calling for snow and sleet after 1 PM today, so it’s going to be pretty messy on the way to work.
Car chases have slowed down for the holidays.   Probably mostly due to two men getting shot last year around this time.  One of the companies that I chase for even changed its requirements in the last couple of weeks.  They don’t want us to knock on neighbors door to ask questions.
Until things pick up, I won’t be doing any joy riding.  I’ll group chases together with other running around that I have to do to conserve my fuel.
It’s all good.  I’ve got food in the house, bills are paid, I feel great, and my pussy and I are warm and comfortable.  What more could I possibly need?
One thing that really has helped in the last years is that we don’t give presents during these holidays.  We get together for a meal and hang out.  Much less stress.  I hear people talking every day about the hundreds of dollars that they are spending.  Most of them really can’t afford it.  On top of that, having to hit the stores, stand in lines etc.  I’m so glad that I won’t be one of them!
I’m really pissed off at myself this morning.  I have misplaced my Vapor Rub.  How in the world is it possible to lose something in 312 sq ft of space?????  I’ve turned this place inside out.  WTF?

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