Cold Feet 1/14/2010

This morning is was time to rearrange the furniture again.  For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been super comfortable and warm except for my feet.  This was getting old and it was getting on my last nerve…. you know what happens when things get on my last nerve.   I make them go away. 🙂
I can’t figure out where the cold air is coming from unless it’s from the slide.  I was sitting in the slide right next to the window and figured if I move the furniture where I will have to sit on the main floor instead of the slide, maybe this would help.
Practice makes perfect.  Moving all the furniture only took half an hour.  Usually, I dread moving my computer because of the gazillion gadgets I have hooked up to the only free USB on my laptop.  Since I have all the gadgets plugged into two USB extensions, it took no time at all. 
I only had to unplug the computer, monitor and the USB.  When I was finished, all I had to do is plug in three plugs and I was back in business.
I don’t know if I like it yet, but this is what it looks like now….
The nice thing about it is that now I can open the window shade without getting blinded by the sun.  I won’t know if this makes a difference for my feet, since the temperature has finally made it up to 50.  I guess I will find out tonight when it goes back down to 25.

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