Still Can’t Go Home :( 2/13/2010

T-Jay and his room mates have been kind enough to put me up at the townhouse for the last few days and I really thought that I would be at home tonight.

This morning, T-Jay and I left Manassas to chase cars, motorcycles, boats and houses in Quantico, Triangle, Woodbridge, Warrenton and Haymarket.  I’m glad he went with me since I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to driving the Evil Twin on snow and ice.  I would have driven too slow to get all of the chases done.  After the last one was done, we stopped by my tiny home.  

The winds had covered the path that I had dug TWICE with snow.  Knee deep in some places.  My home still has no running water, but that’s minor.  I’m sure I can fill up my jugs at Kenny and Cyndi’s if I needed to.  The snow covered walk- way is what bothered me the most since I have to work early at Millers tomorrow morning and my boots, socks and pants would have been soaked by the time I even made it to my car.  All that lugging of my belongings tonight, since I once again ran out of daylight, in the dark didn’t sit well with me either.  I am just too beat to even think about shoveling any snow tonight.

So…T-Jay rescued his Mom again and told me to stay for a couple more days at his place.  Poor guy had to go to back to my home a second time because I forgot to pick up the cable for my camera.  Without it, I won’t be able to upload my work from today.

🙂  Kenny just texted me that he has shoveled the snow out of my path at home.  Thanks, Kenny 🙂  I really appreciate that!!!

I’ve enjoyed staying with my son and his room mates.  I finally got a chance to get to know everyone and it’s been a lot of laughs.  T-Jay really lucked out and got a great group of friends living with him.

My pussy is having a great time too….at least I think she is.  There are three existing pussies at T-Jay’s house.  One is just a kitten and is already bigger than my pussy. The other two are HUGE.  Silly is putting up with them, usually hissing  and swatting them on their heads when they get too close.  I’m glad that my pussy is light and small enough to get up out of the way if she has to.

I have photos of the pussies, but am at work and can’t plug in camera.  I’ll upload them in a few.  Meanwhile, T-Jay is trying to catch my pussy doing this new thing she does.  She sits in front of the closed door, jumps up about 4 feet, taps the door with her feet hard enough to make a thumping noise, turns her body around and jumps down.  It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.  LOL…It took me all day yesterday to figure out what that thumping noise I kept hearing was coming from.  I hope that we can catch her in the act.

One more hour.  I AM SO SLEEPY!  Hopefully what I wrote just now will still make sense when I read it tomorrow.  I even went so far as typing up my reports and emailing them to myself so that all I have to do is copy and paste them after I get out of here.


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