Sure Am Glad I Waited To Go To Culpeper… 12/29/2009

because just as I thought the roads had taken  time to MELT down in that county. 
The address that I had to go to had two roads that were private so they had not been treated at all.  The first one was asphalt, the second one was part gravel, part dirt.  The Evil Twin was struggling across mud, holes and frozen spots.  LOL….I meant to take a photo, but had to concentrate on not getting stuck or worse.  The car looks like I’ve been off roading.
After I got back to Warrenton I stopped to do my Laundry and ran out of time before I had to be at Millers, so I drove straight on to work with my clothes VERY neatly folded in the back seat.  I don’t do iron 🙂
While I stopped at a gas station, I noticed that the 16 oz bottle is back.  Sure haven’t seen that in a while.  I remember Donna talking about our shrinking groceries a couple of weeks ago.
No surprises when I got home last night 🙂
Today I have a commercial inspection in Falls Church.  Since this is out of my zip code area, they are paying me out of the ying yang to go out of my way to take care of it.  This inspection had been assigned to some one else that didn’t complete it.  It will take about half an hour.  What’s up with that?  If I can’t do an assignment I call the client and let them know.  How can people be so unprofessional?
I’m going to give my Mom a call in a bit.  I think my sister and her husband have arrived at their home.  We are supposed to all get together on Saturday, but that’s the day that I work 10+ hours at Millers.  I’m hoping I can stop by there one day during this week instead. 
We’re expecting 17 to 44 mph winds today.  It’s going to be so much fun driving my box…..NOT!

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