Warming Trend 2/18/2010

It’s supposed to get up in the low 40’s during the day for the next week.  Still in the 20’s during the night, but hopefully it will warm up enough to melt some of this snow.  I have a feeling that I will have to dig out more snow to dump my black water tank by the end of the weekend.  We have a chance of snow/rain Sunday and Monday.  I guess I better not wait too long.   Maybe Sunday morning before I go to work at Millers.
Haven’t figured out what’s wrong with my surround sound yet.  People have suggested to unplug my trailer and then plug it back in.  They have also suggested things that I should have had and done before the power went out, but that doesn’t help right now, does it?  I’ll try that when I get a chance.  I’m really not worried about it since I get better sound out of speakers on my computer and I rarely watch movies anyway, but I do like for everything to be in working order in here.   I’m sure glad that the DVD that’s stuck in there is not a rental!!
I have been really busy with car chases this week.  I also have two commercial inspections coming up today and tomorrow.  Commercial inspections pay really well, but the paper work is a pain in the butt.  The one I have for tomorrow will be interesting since I had to give up my place of birth, birth date, and social security number to be able to get into this government facility.  I guess I’ll leave the Bersa at home?  I wonder if they will ask me about my conceal to carry permit or if they will even know about it.  I guess I’ll find out how secure this secure facility is tomorrow.
I also picked up a small merchandising gig, restocking DVD’s at a ==Blooms==.  It’s not that much money, but it’s something I can take care of while I’m on my way to some place else.  I have also signed up for some merchandising at local ==7-Elevens== which should start next month.
I finally received a check from the company that I log junk mail for.  It sure came in handy and took care of two tanks of fuel this week.  This was for mail logged from June to August last year.  They pay slow, but at least they do pay. 🙂
Time to study up on the commercial reports.  I tend to forget what is involved since I don’t get them often enough to get used to doing them.

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