Daffodils 3/11/2010

About the plants that are shooting up in the yard, this is  what they  look like when they bloom.  My sister told me that they are  Daffodils.  They’re all over the yard and I’ve been told that I’ll have to bug Kenny about not mowing them down. 🙂
I just received my yearly update.  Luckily I bought the townhouse back in 1998.  The value shot up to $300K years ago and now it is down to $79K.  I do hope that it has now finally bottomed out.  If I had to sell it now, I would break even.  I feel so bad for the people that bought their homes just a few years ago and are now at the point were their loan balance is twice as high as the value of their home.  No wonder many of those unfortunate folks are packing up and leaving their homes behind.
I received an invoice from our lawyer the other day.  He needs 2K to continue to collect the monies owed to us by the builder that we used to work for.  I beginning to feel like a caged animal with no way out!  This totally sucks!  I need some REALLY good news to get myself out of the gloomy mood today!

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