Starting My Seeds….mistake #1 3/15/2010

So I decided to get my seeds started. 
I laid the seeds out on my table and picked just a few to get started on.
Kymber had emailed me directions for the fool proof method that mmpaints uses.  I thought I had understood the directions.  Never having dealt with peat pellets, I didn’t know that peat pots were a totally different thing.   So I bought peat pots.  Earlier I filled up my sink with warm water and dumped in the peat pots.  I remember thinking…this is really amazing.  How can these swell up like that??
Well, after waiting for 30 minutes, this is what they looked like.   Nothing like the ones that mmpaints or Donna have got going!!! 😦  
I’ll be looking for Peat PELLETS this week.
In other news, I wanted to watch Food Inc, but the link I had was showing it too choppy probably due to my internet connection.  So I got myself a two-week free subscription to Netflix.  I watched it last night.  It’s the most disturbing thing I’ve watched in a long time.  Even more reasons to start a garden, even if you don’t have a lot of space!!!
One of the gentlemen interviewed in Food Inc is Joel Sallatin.  He owns a farm about 8 miles from Staunton, VA called Polyface.  My sister and I are planning on going there for a visit soon.
Meanwhile here is a link to pickyourown, a directory for finding farms in your area that let you pick your own veggies. It also has a list of farmer’s markets. 
If you are interested in finding out where exactly the store bought milk you’re buying is coming from, find out at this link… In the Search for Sustainable Dairy, the Internet’s a Powerful Tool
and a link to eatwild a directory of grass-fed foods and facts. 

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