What are those white things….. 3/26/2010

….out in the woods?
LOL….they’re my bubble wrap inside white trash bags.  Must have blown there in the wind last night.  I’ll stick them under my trailer once I removed some of the straw.  I’m glad that I haven’t already done that since it’s supposed to go back down in the twenties tonight.  GRRRRR….I thought it was over with.
I keep checking on my seeds every day.  I know it’s silly, it’s only been two days, but I’m so excited about it.  I gave the rest of my seeds to my sister last night.  She’s really good with plants.  I remember one year she had these huge two foot long zucchinis.  They were so big, they were downright scary looking.
I’ve been in contact with Katie of Burnside Farms and she told me that she might have some eggs for me this Sunday or Monday.  I can’t wait to check the place out. 
I just received a very nice email from her:
🙂 everything we do is non GMO so no worries there!! 

As far as eggs we are sold out at the moment for the next few days but should have some available around Sunday. I can try and remember to let you know or better yet ring me Sunday as we are super busy and I may forget. Otherwise, we are planting and planting and should have fresh produce beginning sometime late May. Our stand will be opening mid April with bedding plants and flowers so you can come by and visit us then for a little taste of spring although not edible. 

Thanks for your support!!! 


I stopped by  Buckland Farm Market  and talked to Margaret yesterday.  I had posted a question about GMOs on their Facebook page.  This was her reply:
Buckland buys as much as possible from small producers, many of whom are in the Shenandoah Valley. These producers are trying to provide a good healthy products. Many practice organic methods, but are not certified to legally label their food as organic.

She also told me that they will carry hormone-free, grass-fed chicken this year.  They already carry Bison.  I have had some of their ground meet and it was delicious.
So far it looks like I have two places to keep my eyes on.  I still want to check out the Manassas Farmers’ Market. Looks like it will be open next Saturday.

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