Can I? Please? Please? 3/25/2010

Many times I’ve seen children beg and plead their parents for things.  Usually, the parents are doing something or talking to someone.  After a dozen “please, can I?” the parent gives in, probably just to make the child finally shut up be quiet.  While that strategy never worked with my parents, it worked for my pussy yesterday.  After an hour or so of begging, rubbing up against my legs, getting up in my face, running to the door yowling, she wore me down.
I’ve been looking for local farms to visit in my search for non-GMO foods.   Last night I found Burnside Farms which is just a few miles from home.  I can’t wait to check it out and I hope it turns out to be a keeper.
Looks like it will rain soon.  Time to go wash while I can still load and unload in front of my door.

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