Starting my seeds 3/24/2010

I couldn’t find any regular peat pellets, so I ended up getting a set of 72.
I used three pellets per plant and marked all the baggies.  Kymber blogged about making her own peat pellets.  I’ll do that next time.
Next time I won’t go so “ultra cheap” on the baggies. I had to throw a bunch of them away because they would not open.
Here are all the little baggies.  In the living room where it’s nice and warm. 🙂 
I haven’t had a smoke since Sunday.  I almost buckled last night and got in my car to get a pack, but I made it without.  Gypsy kept me from going….I was looking at her blog.  She’s been smoke free for almost a month.  I will miss her. 😦
I’ve been really busy with commercial inspections these last couple of day.  I always have such a hard time with the reports. They still take way too long, but that’s my fault for being so anal and wanting to put as much information in them as possible since I am the clients eyes and ears.  LOL…I really need to learn to not give a damn, that would speed things up.
I’m still finding pieces of bubble wrap in my home.  I just noticed a piece behind the screen of the air condition panel in the ceiling.  LOL…I hope that this is the last piece..

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