GMO, Dairy, and Meat free Kitchen 3/21/2010

When did Harris Teeter decide to go into the Organics business?
I wonder which company is behind the Harris Teeter label? 
On the way home I stopped by there to pick a few things.  It had been about 3 weeks since I had been there and I was surprised to see all the purple “Organic Stickers” all over the store.  Also a ton of so called “Natural”  Harris Teeter products.  For some reason the photos of the “Organic” products didn’t turn out, but here are a couple of the products.
I went through the produce isle and found regular carrots and “organic” carrots.  Both were unwrapped. I had one bunch in each hand.  I swear, I could not see the difference.  It was as if the employees had just decided to mark one bunch “organic” and mark up the price to $3.99 each.  Rat Bastards.  I don’t trust them.  I’ll be buying local.
I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets this morning and took out everything that I THINK is GMO.  Even though I used my list from Non-GMO, I’m sure I missed something, but this is good for now.
I’ve been meat and dairy free since Monday last week.
I’ve been almost GMO free since Thursday.  Again, I’m saying this because I’m sure that I have missed something somewhere.  This is a huge learning curve for me.  I have yet to hit a local farmer’s market.
I am still smoking. 
Usually, my nose is stopped up and I have a sneezing fit when I get up every morning.  I’ve noticed for the past two days that I don’t have this problem anymore. I’ve had this issue so long, that I thought it was normal and everyone goes through the morning ritual of unclogging the nose and sneezing.
I’ve lost 4 pounds.  I don’t seem to want to eat as much as I usually do. A little food seems to go a long way.
Smoked my last cigarette a while ago.  Back on the wagon again!  Wish me luck!! 🙂

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