Input From My Cousin, Anne :) 3/19/2010

Anne was nice enough to post this reply for me on Wednesday’s thread….Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s, Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH or rBST) are in almost everything we eat, thanks to Monsanto.  I found it great to have some ones input from another country and I am posting it today.  Thanks for answering some of my questions, Anne 🙂 I really appreciate it.

Moin, Tango,

yes, we do still have freedom of press. 😉 But mostly the news report on GMOs only when there’s some scandal or something newsworthy (like changes in laws). But I guess people are more aware over here: organic retail in Germany has had a steady 5 to 10 % growth over the last years because of whole new target groups (like parents with small children). Organic food is hip and not a treehugger- or fringe thing anymore. It’s still more expensive as the other stuff, but you already get a lot of organic food (like potatoes, carrots, dairy products and meat) at supermarkets or discounters at moderate prices. 

And with the conventionally produced stuff it’s also not too hard to avoid GMO-free food as long as you’re not farsighted and can still read the fine print. 😉 That’s because genetically modified ingredients must be declared in Germany. Most of it (corn and soy) comes from the USA or India (and other Asian countries) btw.

Growth hormones, antibiotics and other yucky stuff have been used over decades here, but they are not allowed in organic farming. That’s why we only eat certified organic meat.

But most of the people over here still eat the cheap stuff, and lots of it. They want to have meat several times a week and fresh imported raspberries with their oatmeal in winter when they’re out of season.(@Karin: ;-)). I can understand that, but it’s not for me anymore.

Wow, this has gotten long! 😉

Moin Anne,

Thanks for replying.  It’s nice to see what’s going on in another country. 

It’s fine that it’s not always in the media. as long as the public is aware of it, but here most people aren’t, or really think it’s okay since we’re all fed the same foods without any warnings and we think that the government is protecting us.  

Here Monsanto and their products are in bed with out government, so no help there. 
Our foods are labeled with ingredients, but you really have to dig down deep and research to see where exactly the ingredients are coming from. Due to this and the government approving the foods it’s really hard to not eat GMO’s.

Meanwhile we are getting bigger and bigger. People are sick with cancers. Friends are developing new allergies that they have never been suffering with before.  On top of that, so many children are on one type of medicine or another. No one can tell me that the food we eat has nothing to do with it. 

Even the organic foods aren’t safe unless you really research them.  Seems to me that the only way to make sure we eat GMO free is to get in the local farmers back yard….up close and personal. 

You reminded me of when we still lived in Germany.  I remember not having meat many days.  It was not a big deal and seemed normal to us.  When we did have meat, it was not unlimited like it is here now.  Rarely will someone have just ONE piece of chicken, steak or pork and in the summer our grills are filled with meat.  Our eating habits are totally out of control.

I’ve stopped eating meats and dairy products until further notice.


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