De-Winterizing 3/19/2010

Yesterday I started taking some of the Bubble Wrap off of my windows and the screen door.  I’m putting it all, labeled, in plastic bags for next winter.  What a difference!!
It took a bit longer to remove it from the screen door since I used Velcro and while I was concentrating on not tearing the bubble wrap, my pussy escaped….
Of course, by the time I got some shoes on my feet, she had disappeared.  She was MIA for almost an hour.  Finally, I saw her around the back of our home.  She was all dirty on her back and I have no idea where she went, but I sure was glad to have her back.  Apparently she had a great time because afterward she was fussing to go back outside.  Cornish Rex sure are vocal!!
I’ve been doing so much reading and research until my head hurt.  I really wanted to find something, anything good about GMO’s, rBGH, rBST, or the Monsanto Corporation.  Pretty much something for me to stop being so totally furious about this whole, huge MISTAKE, but I couldn’t.  So on goes the quest of ridding my life of as much of it as I can.
All cheese, cream cheese, meats, ramen, noodles, Vitamins and cream for my coffee is gone.  More to come.  I brought in some organic brown rice and fruits, onions, eatable seeds, and green peppers so far.  I’m not much of a meat cooker at home and might leave meat alone all together.  Things that I have scheduled to say good bye to by the end of the week are bagels, butter, and cigarettes. Who knows, maybe this will get rid of my 10 year issue with my reoccurring boils that no one seems to have an answer for.
It’s not easy to buy Non-GMO.  To help, the Non-GMO Project has created a Shopping Guide for the iPhone and the iPhone Touch.  For those of you that are interested and have one of these machines, download it and see which brands, products, and retailers are committed to North America’s only 3rd party standard for GMO avoidance.  Features include consumer tips for avoiding GMOs and the ability to search by product type.  I guess I will use the printed version until they come out with an application for the Blackberry Storm.
I cut some Daffodils yesterday and hope that they will bloom in my home…
…….and I have picked up some Peat PELLETS 🙂

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