No Farm, No Food 4/28/2010

On my way back from an inspection in Leesburg yesterday morning, I passed by the Burnside Farm stand.  I happened to see a young woman putting plants on the table and I decided to make a u-turn and check it out.
The young woman was Katie, whom I had spoken to about buying eggs about a month ago.  She was busy getting the stand ready by uncovering the plants.  It had been a rough couple of days due to the heavy winds and rain that we had.
I belong to a Fauquier County group on Yahoo and somebody was looking for Stepables.  When I first read that I had no idea what they were talking about.   LOL….now I know.  I wonder if they would grow in front of my trailer where the ground is bare.   I’ll have to ask the next time I stop by.
The colors were breath taking. 🙂
Inside the greenhouse.  Lots of sprouting going on.  When I walked in, it was like getting hit by a cloud of perfume.
Hard to believe that we were under three foot of snow a little over a month ago.
Burnside Farm is located at:
4905 James Madison Hwy
Haymarket, VA 20169

If you have any questions, give Katie a call at:

See you soon, Katie 🙂
Well…time to get ready to go to Reston for another inspection.  I’m still riding around with my Poang chair in my car.  It looks like I have a buyer, but not until Saturday.

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