Switching to Cricket 5/12/2010

I’ve spent the past week researching other ways to get on the internet besides tethering my Verizon Storm to my laptop.  It wasn’t easy and looks like just about every company has a 5 GB cap.  Then I
found Cricket….images
Phones with unlimited talk and text without a contract and broadband that is unlimited.  Monthly charges are $80 which includes the phone and a USB broadband modem.  T-Jay is trying out the modem right now and says that it is faster than when he has internet through his phone.  What I also love is that it is truly unlimited and I won’t have to worry about going over the 5 GB cap.  In a couple of days, I’ll take the modem home and see how it does out here in the sticks.  I’m hoping that it performs well 🙂
Meanwhile….down at the farm….
My plants seem to like the straw…
Left to right…top tomato, middle hot pepper, right strawberry
Tomatoes in a bag and chives to the left.
Lots of herbs and more tomatoes.  Seems like every couple of days we have rain so the watering isn’t a problem.  Also I have an outdoor shower which is a great way to get water if I need it.  Saves me from lugging the water through the house.
You all know that my sister, Karin is an amazing photographer.  Yesterday she entered a contest on Artists Wanted .  If you have the time, please do me a favor and vote for her here .  Just scroll down to the bottom left and click on one of the stars where it’s labeled “Rate this Portfolio”.  You are allowed to vote once every 24 hours.  One of Karin’s photos was featured on JPG Magazine last week.  I’m so proud of her!! 🙂
It’s been 61 days since I’ve gone to eating almost 100% non-GMO.  Still no signs of a boil popping up.  It’s really amazing.  I still have scars, but they are slowly fading.  They probably won’t go away all together, but they sure look a lot better than before.  Who knows…maybe someday.

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