What else I found in the yard this morning…… 4/30/2010

……a sprouting potato that I buried under a foot of straw many weeks ago.  I had almost given up on it.  As soon as it stays warm, I’ve got some other plants that I’m going to bury there.  I wonder how sweet potatoes would do?
I was dreading going to the DMV this morning.  I just knew I was going to be there for hours.  To my surprise, I was only in there for 20 minutes and the cost was about a 10th of what I had thought it would be.  Phew….that had me stressed out all day yesterday.  I’m sure glad that’s over with.  Now I need to get my emissions done to the Evil Twin some time next week and I’ll be able to do the rest online.  That reminds me, I better apply for a DMV pin number so that I can actually do that.  It usually takes a week for it to come in by mail.
Last night I took my laptop to work to see if I could upload my photos, but nnnooooo, it didn’t work.  The part of the site for the photos was blocked. 
Turns out that I am off on Sunday.  Woohoo, I’m going to go see my Mom.  After she hugs, kisses, feeds, and spanks me, I know I will be feeling a lot better.  Got to get out of this gloomy mood that I’m in.  I’m missing the days that I could just pack up my car, get away, and start over.

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