Back Outa Whack 7/27/2010

While I was at work around 11 AM Saturday, I started getting these awful pains in my back.  Must have picked up something wrong or twisted the wrong way.  Every since I got hurt at work in the 70’s, it doesn’t take much to get my back out of whack, most of the time I don’t even realize it is happening.  The pain got worse yesterday and this morning it was so bad that I made a doctor’s appointment for this afternoon.  I can feel a walnut size swollen ball on the right lower side of my spine.   I am so tired and haven’t gotten much sleep in the last two nights.  I kept moving from the sofa bed to my real bed back to the sofa bed last night.  I just couldn’t position myself in a way that the pain would stop enough for me to sleep.
So I get to the doctors and the nurse takes my blood pressure.  I was pleasantly surprised that my blood pressure was 120/84 which is the lowest reading I’ve had in 20 some years.  By Golly….I must be doing something right!!!  🙂
Then I sit in the little room for about 15 minutes, waiting on the doctor. With nothing to do, but look at the dirt…..
WTF….don’t they wash their hands in here???
I don’t EVEN want to know what that is on the wall.   I’m glad that’s when the doctor came in because I was just having way too much time on my hands and didn’t want to find anything else.  
She checked me out and felt the swollen spot in my back.  She wrote me a prescription to get the swelling down and another script to make me be able to sleep tonight.  She got up and was all ready to leave me when I told her to wait….that I had other issues.
I told her about the major changes I have made in the last five months.  What I’m eating, what I’m not eating….no dairy, no GMOs, no white flour, no white rice, no packaged foods, no canned foods, no junk food, no sugar (in the last two weeks), barely any salt, no coffee (in the last two weeks), meat maybe once a week.  Everything is made from scratch except for an occasional hand full of organic ramen.  I walk, run, walk, run a half mile with weights on my wrists every morning.  I take vitamins and minerals for things that I don’t eat.  Eat veggies half cooked.  Lots of fruit………so why can’t I lose these last 20 pounds???
(Dr. Fisel had already mentioned this)….. she suggested that she should schedule me for a couple of tests to check for insulin resistance and another test for thyroid function.  LOL, I managed to keep her in the room for a good 40 minutes and  the tests are scheduled for August 6th.
This is the first doctor’s appointment that I have really been happy with except for the dirt. 🙂

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