Happy Hump Day… 9/28/2010

…Phew, got  a lot done today.  Got a hair cut, went to do laundry.  Now it’s almost time to go to Millers for the night.
Time for our Casino Night is nearing.  Tonight I’ll put a dent in that huge customer base and get the envelopes with the invitations ready.
Also nearing is my time to move.  All I can do is wait because I have so little to pack up, it won’t take me three hours to do it.  I’m sure if I had half of the “stuff” that I used to have, I’d already be putting things in boxes.
I’m still waiting for the bright side of moving back to Manassas to kick in.  Another good thing is, that I’ll be able to swing home for real food instead of bringing things to tide me over until I get home.  Manassas stores don’t seem to have “real” food yet.
I’m wondering when I will have my first WTF moment with the next door neighbors.  I’ve been told that they throw huge parties and don’t crank up the music until 11 PM.  I’m sure it won’t be long before THAT gets on my last nerve.
Time will tell.

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