Prince William County Water 11/14/2010

When I moved back in here I noticed the overpowering smell of chlorine coming out of the water faucets.  After being gone for two years and I had gotten used to the well water at Kenny and Cyndi’s house.  Luckily I figured this was going to happen so I  invested in a Travel Berkey from Berkey Filters months ago.  It takes quite a while for the water to get filtered through the four filters, but it’s worth the wait.  The taste of the water is terrific and I used to refuse to drink plain water.  Tea and coffee made with it is awesome.  I know that I am still getting chlorine, fluoride and what ever else in in the water by taking showers and washing with it, but at least I’m not drinking the shit.  According to 2010 tests on our county water it contains  Chloroform, Bromodichloromethan, Chlorodibromomethan, Bromoform, Bromate, Barium, Mercury, Fluoride (discharge from fertilizer and aluminum factories), Nitrate, Bitrite, Beta/photon emitters, Chlorine, Lead, Coliform Bacteria, Copper, Trihalomethanes, Haloacetic Acids.  Yummy….NOT!  ….but there is good news!  No human or animal fecal wastes were detected.
I keep my tea and coffee gadgets and supplies on this shelf unit in my room.
Notice the discoloring on the second shelf…
This is what happened when I washed dishes in the county water, didn’t dry them off, and put them on this shelf.

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