Remembering why I don’t take assignments east of my home 9/22/2010

I usually don’t take them because of the traffic, but for some reason, I did accept two commercial inspections that would take me into Fairfax county.

Yesterday morning I was on my way….only 22 miles.  Figuring that there would be less of a slow down on Rt. 29, I headed that way and passed up I-66 west.  I was about two miles down on 29 when traffic came to a stop…due to I don’t know what.  Whatever!! So I cut across the median to head back to get on 66.

About two miles down 66, traffic come to a stop.  WTF?  I ended up taking me a little over 2 hours to get to where I had to go.

The time passed quickly mainly due to a Tyson’s Chicken baby chick bus.


I could see the baby chicks stuffed into trays sitting on top of each other.


I spent the next hour wondering:
Are those chicks shitting on top of each other?
How are they getting water….or are they?
Will they get to their destination before it gets hot?
How many stacks of trays are on the bus?
Where are they going?
What will happen to them once they get to wherever they are going?
When did Tyson get into the chick business?
Have they already been shot up with growth hormones and antibiotics?


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