So it begins….. 10/06/2010

That’s everything in my bedroom, that I don’t need every day, packed up.  I love not having so much “stuff”.  I loaded it up in the Evil Twin and brought it to the townhouse yesterday afternoon before going into work at Millers.  I should have almost everything there before T-Jay leaves.

My Mom has made an appointment at Millers for a check up on her Echo before winter hits.  I’ll be hanging out with her this morning.  Wonder what kind of mischief we will get into.

We finished the invitations for Casino Night at Millers yesterday.  Time to get them out in the mail.

Time is getting closer.  The event is on the 23rd.  I wonder if I’ll be all settled in to my new home by then.  Knowing me, I will be.  I can’t stand to sleep among boxes.

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