The day after tooth extraction… 8/11/2010

After the tooth extraction yesterday, I went to work.  Everything went fine for a while and I managed to get all my work done.  I could even talk on the phone…..with half a mouth :).  
By 6 PM my mouth was wide awake and screaming.  It had slowed down a bit at Millers and I asked to be let go for the day.  I don’t do well with pain and dentists, so not eating for the fear of throwing up at the doctor’s office, and not sleeping well the night before, it was no wonder that I was feeling so bad.  Since I don’t get any days off from work at this time, I had to schedule it for a work day and due to the never ending pain, it just could not wait.  
I got home, took a painkiller that I had left for my back the other week, and slept for 10 hours.
This morning I was back to feeling awesome :).  I have two stitches where the tooth used to be, so I put myself on a “blender diet” for a few days to give myself time to heal.  Actually, it wasn’t bad.  Beets, tomatoes, celery, cucumber, hemp protein powder, nutritional yeast, and ground flax seed with a hand full of assorted nuts and seeds.  I added some water to make it drinkable.  It was pretty tasty.
Next Tuesday I have another appointment for a check up and also to discuss what to do about the other 4 loose teeth that I have.
I’m really impressed with this dentist’s office.  It’s the Neibauer clinic in Warrenton.  LOL…this was the first dentist office that I have ever been to that had absolutely nothing about teeth to read in the waiting room.
Well, it’s time to put my home on lock-down.  The AC just came on, it’s 10 AM and it’s 86 degrees.  Time to close the door, vents, and windows. 😦

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