Walking is good for you 5/21/2010

….so I have decided to walk to the street from my home. 
On the walk back home from the street.
It’s lovely out today.  No sounds except for the birds and my footsteps.
I think it is a quarter of a mile one way, not sure.  I’ll have to ask Kenny about it.  
Fitbit is telling me that I took 1,615 steps.  Yesterday I took 2,664 all day.  So far the Fitbit is motivating me to move around much more.  Even at work where I sit behind a desk most of the night.
Looks like this little fellow was taking a walk too 🙂
Early this morning I planted Spinach along the bottom of the straw.  LOL….the gnomes are guarding it!
Then I planted the Apple and Pear seeds in the pots.
Before going back inside I saw the first Bee 🙂  It was hard to catch it on film, but it’s to the right of the center of the photo. 
I hope to see many more out here!

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