WFT??? 24 hours later… 6/17/2010

So getting back to this weird, puke looking awesomeness of yesterday, still don’t know what it is. 
I poked at it and it is no longer gooey on the inside, but pitch black.

I figured it must be some kind of bug living on the inside, but I didn’t find anything.
Borage is starting to bloom.  The colors are really beautiful.
A few more tomatoes will be ready in a day or two.
The first cukes. 🙂  Can you say salad coming soon?
Strawberry smoothie coming soon too.
One lonely green bean.
One more tomato on the other side of my home.
I’m starting to slowly get away from meats all together.  Today I fixed a black rice and raw vegetable salad and it was awesome.  It was really humid this morning and I didn’t feel like heating up my home, so the salad did just fine.  I’m going to see if I can find some new recipes to try out without the meat.
The other lawyer that I contacted ended up calling me today to tell me that they want 7,000 down to take the case.  Back to the drawing board. 🙂  I’m so disgusted!

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