Long time no read… 4/17/2011

I know, I know….it’s been months. Lots going on…much stress. Just haven’t felt like posting much lately, it would have been a bunch of whining anyway, but I’ll get back into it.
Catch up time…..
LDN….It’s been 56 days since I started taking LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) to keep a re-occurring patch of cancerous skin, that had been removed twice, in check. I’m at a steady 4.5 ml which I take in between 10 and 11 PM. I sleep well and wake up rested and ready to get started. I haven’t had to get up to go use the bathroom in a long time, so I’m usually sleeping right through the night.
Near the end of March, I went to see the doctor about this severe pain I was getting in both my elbows. She had them X-rayed and it turned out to be bone spurs in both elbows. Not much can be done for them except for surgery and pain meds every 6 hours as needed. I’m so happy to be on LDN because it seems to stretch the time that the pain meds, when I do need them, last. Usually, I get by with taking Turmeric three times a day, but once in a while, the pain is just too much. That’s when I take a non-opiate pain pill. That seems to take care of it for a few days, sometimes even a week. I sure am glad not to have to take them twice a day, every day. 🙂
Garden….I added dirt to every bare spot I have in the tiny front and back yard at the townhouse. I’ll be trying my hand at planting veggies again this year. Below is what I have sprouting so far. Red Beets, Cucumbers, and Brussel Sprouts. I think that I’ll put the Cucumbers in the ground tomorrow.
I brought this pot with dirt with me when I moved back in October……anybody know what this is???
Ubuntu…In March, the Windows Operating System got on my last nerve. I have a copy of Windows 7, but it’s already on another computer. I refused to spend any more money on it, so for the last four weeks, I’ve been trying to forget everything that I know about Windows and start from scratch using Ubuntu. So far I just have it on my laptop to see what it will and will not let me do. So far I’m loving it. The deal breaker would have been not being able to hook up a second monitor. I almost gave up when it wouldn’t see the Acer Monitor, but then I remembered the other monitor which works fine now. Next, is hooking up the printer. I guess I’ll do that tonight. If everything goes as planned, I’ll be converting my other laptop to Ubuntu in the next few days.
I’m posting today using Blogilo which works just as well if not better than Live Writer.
Inspections…..Still doing them along with car chases. Last Monday I was in Clifton VA inspecting a store. While I was there I took a photo of this…..
Sucks that the gas prices are going back up! It’s up to 3.74 over here this morning.

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