Hit One Of My Weight Goal Finally 11.18.2011

On September 2nd, 2011,  I started my last journey to lose weight at 209.6.  I hit 168.2 pounds on the scale this morning and it’s stuck for two days now.  My goal is 155-160, I’m big framed and 5’6″.
I have had to re-learn eating all over again.  Not living to eat, but eating to live.  I no longer eat unless I’m hungry.  I eat no sugar, no grains.  No more bread, pasta, white potatoes, rice.  I do eat low carb veggies, coconut oil, lots of spices, some kind of meat or fish and apples and oranges.    I eat NON-GMO, organic or local foods that stay with me during working hours away from home.  Staying away from junk carbs has helped that a considerably.  
I’ve had to trick myself into smaller portions by using smaller plates and bowls.  
I used to eat myself full before going to bed at night.  Now I eat a little bit of something, sometimes full fat organic yogurt with cinnamon, coconut and a bit of peanut butter…just enough to have something in my stomach before taking my 
5 ml of LDN.  Yes, I’m up to 5 ml now and doing well on it.
I was watching Dr Oz a few minutes ago.  They were saying that keeping your lager size clothes that no longer fit after weight loss, need to be gotten rid of because it gives us an excuse to fail and gives us an option B.  Makes sense to me.  I’ve always kept my fat clothes on the “other” side of the closet, but now it’s time to get rid of them.  I can not afford to gain the weight back, health wise nor money wise!
Good bye, fat pants….hope to never see you again!
T-Jay just took these “after” photos of me.  To me, I still look fat except for my stomach.  I guess I’ll always look fat to myself.

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