Junk mail getting on my nerves 11.07.2011

Lately, lots of stuff seems to be getting on my last nerve and you know what that means….I have to make it go away.  Titles on top of my blog post day after day…getting on my last nerve…..

T-Jay won’t be leaving until tonight.  I hope he is asleep right now…that’s a long drive…18 hours, and he wants to go straight down to Baton Rouge, stopping only for fuel and food.   I can tell you, I sure will be glad to get that text from him telling me that he made it okay.  I’m going to be a nervous wreck.

I’ve got an assignment in Middleton, VA tomorrow.  I will take care of it really early in the morning since I don’t have to contact anyone once I get there.  Afterward, I’m going to stop by my mom’s and hug her neck.  I haven’t seen her in a couple of weeks.

Today I was almost late for work after getting a really exciting piece of junk mail from one of the credit card companies, especially one that I owe money to.  I always open them so that I can shred them, but this one had a self-addressed and stamped envelope inside.  I thought they might be interested in some of the other junk mail that I get, so I neatly folded up one of those door hangers from a new pizza joint in town ….along with some other junk mail I had laying around, the original envelope that they mailed the ad in and put it in the envelope to send back to them.  I inserted a note thanking them for the ad and told them that they might be interested in some of mine.  I’ll be mailing it later tomorrow…the envelope will be mighty thick and heavy.  Rat Bastards!


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