Last Friday’s Little Road Trip to Little Washington 10.30.2011

Here I am on my way to (Little) Washington, Virginia.  It was a nice little road trip…very relaxing!!  Lots of farmland and little or no traffic.
Behind The Inn @ Little Washington.
This is the kitchen in one of the rentable cottages.  It’s big enough for me to LIVE in. 🙂

This has got to be my most favorite commercial inspection that I have ever done.  I spent most of the day there.  It is such a quaint little town.  Population 200, no traffic lights…just stop signs.  As usual, I took way too many photos, which always bites me in the butt in having to take hours to put them in order, then having to decide which ones to actually upload.
Three nights ago, I got close and personal with a huge skunk.  It was larger than my room mates cat, Patches and I think he’s over 15 pounds now.  This skunk was hiding under a Prius at work.  He stood still long enough for me to take this photo before wobbling down the lot.
It was a nasty day out here in Northern Virginia yesterday. It was raining and sleeting all day. It went below freezing last night.  I guess I’d better pull those tiny three bell peppers off of the bush tonight….or will they survive a frost?
Last week I re-arranged my room again.  The white walls and white curtains just made it feel so cold to me, so I put my red curtains back up, and bought a little $3 lamp with a warm colored bulb to put on my nightstand.  It’s much better now and the room feels warm and comfy again.  LOL….Every once in a while I get into a what I call a “nesting mood”.
Yesterday morning while driving to work, I noticed this symbol on the dash….
After all the crap that’s been breaking down at my house, I was thinking…shit!   Now What?!  I have never had a car that had this symbol pop up before, so I actually had to pull over to look it up in the manual.  LOL…..tire pressure light.  Turns out my baby just needed a couple of pounds of air in all 4 tires.  Phew….what a relief that was…..I had already worked myself into a panic.

Oh…the heater is broken down again.  This is the third time and it’s getting on my last nerve!

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