Rheingarten Restaurant 12.31.2011

I had to chase a couple of cars around Fredericksburg yesterday.  Actually, it was quite a ways past Fredericksburg, but this particular company asking me to take care of these has been awfully good to me.  In this case, I will go out of my way.
Every time I’m up that way I pass by this German restaurant.  It sucks because it is always early in the morning and they are closed.  This time I stopped by just to have a look around.  Too bad they’re only open at night.
My toilet is still in bits and pieces, but I’m going to have the time to put it back together tonight.  Luckily it’s not the only toilet at the house.   LOL….what a way to spend new years eve, eh?  Let’s hope I don’t end up with spare parts or leaks.
I shot this from work last night.  What do you think?  Contrails, Chemtrails, Weather Modification?
Happy New Year to all of you.  Be safe!!

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