I think it’s broken 10/14/2012

I have tried everything for the past two days to get it to work.  I was able to finally install Ubuntu yesterday only to have it screw up by last night.  The images on the screen were distorted and then the screen started acting like a strobe light.  I panicked and shut it down.  Since then I haven’t been able to load anything.  Nothing but a black screen.  Maybe it’s the video card?  Who knows?
Maybe it’s time for a new one?   This one is over five years old now.  As cheap as laptops are these days, it won’t be worth it to pay someone to troubleshoot and then fix it.
I used to think the bigger and more expensive a laptop is, the better.  Now I know it can be small and cheap and be just fine for the things that I need it for.  The first thing I usually do is remove the battery.   I attach a regular size keyboard, mouse, and a large monitor.  Then I’m good to go, mobile or stationary, what ever I need.

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