Perfect Birthday Even Though…. 12/03/2012

….I was at work all day.
The night before, my son presented me with chocolate mini cakes and candles when I got home from work. 🙂
At around 7:30 AM  my mom and pop sand Happy Birthday to me over the phone 🙂
I received an email from my aunt in Germany and my middle sister and brother in-law wishing me Happy Birthday.
Then off to work.  When I got there my co-workers had signed a birthday card for me.
Then at around 2 PM, I went home to get some lunch.  After I ate, I had a surprise at my door.  My little sister had stopped by.   She brought me a beautiful Poinsettia, some awesome tasting Italian espresso beans and the kind of birthday card that makes you almost pee on yourself.
When I opened the card one of those soft voices that you hear on the prescription med commercial started rattling off the side effects.  The man said: “Side effects may include:
fatigue, scalp stink, hair loss, soggy bottom, acid reflux, stiff neck, cricket joints, whooping farts, ear lobe cramping, excessive  talking about cats, fear of bending straws, bug eyes, spontaneous human combustion, New York accent, uncontrollable needful crafting, boogie woogie flu, bunions and constipation.”
LOL, I had to listen to it about a dozen times while writing that down.  I laughed so hard, I had tears coming out of my eyes.
My Facebook page was flooded with birthday wishes all day.
A couple of hours later, my friend Teya stopped by to hug my neck and then my co-workers gathered around and sang Happy Birthday to me.
It was an awesome birthday.  I felt much love and very appreciated all day long. 🙂

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