The Wonders of Polyurethane. Planting Coleus. 4/9/17

I’ve noticed that whenever I wax and polish some of my furniture, at first they look beautiful, shiny, and dark.  After a couple of hours they are back to looking grayish and dull.
I remembered that I had some of the Polyurethane left from when I did my paper bag floor and decided to see if this would make a difference.

 This is the top of my desk before.

This is a, I don’t know what to call it but it’s at the foot of my bed. Waiting for the Poly to dry.

 Meanwhile, time to plant my favorite.

 I put the seeds around the circle.
I also bought a pole for my light at the front door.  I knew I would be written up for attaching it to the house sooner or later.  This way I’m safe from the HOA’s wrath.

Time for some breakfast.  I wanted some Tacos without the shells.
The left side of my desk is dry.  Time for the right side.

Top done.  You can see how dry and pale the left side looks.

Right side of desk drying.

Side of bed thingy before Poly.
Poly applied to bed thingy.

Desk is finished.  So much better and also easier to keep clean and shiny.

Half of the bed thingy.  Sure wish I could remember what this is called.  Stool?  Bench?
Finished, I think I’ll call it a bench.  My pussy seems bored and sleepy.


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