Woohoo…we’ve got BOB

BOB….Big Orange Ball in the sky! The world sure looks different when the sun comes out! It’s been a gloomy and depressing five days.

Finally I was able to remove these signs from our showroom.

This is my desk at work.

That’s my soon to be home that I can drool over while I’m working.

Tomorrow I will have to find some place to park my car, since they are paving our street. Hopefully not too far from my house, because I go home for lunch.

Maybe they will even grade the street so that all my neighbors car-washing water doesn’t end up in my two spaces? Well, I can dream!!!

After all these years there have been so many changes with WordPress that I will have to do some major learning to get in the swing of blogging again. The first two posts were easy since I just imported them from Blogger. This post has taken me on and off a day to figure out. Took me forever to find the Dashboard and to figure out how to post photos. This morning my domain name came over from Blogger, so I’m good to go.


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