This Virus is a Bitch

I wonder if we will ever get back to normal?

I haven’t seen my mom since January/February even though we only live 35 minutes apart. Due to Covid, I haven’t gone near her or my step-dad in all these months.

I deal with the public every day during the week and have been afraid to get infected and then carry it back to my son or my folks. Even though my son and I have been extra careful.

We have a “no mask-no service” rule at work. I wipe everything down with alcohol when I get there. I try to stay away from people if I can. I disinfect the tables and chairs as soon as a customer leaves.

So far only two people have caught Covid at my job which tells me that all the extra work and caution has been worth it.

I was going through some old photos yesterday and found some of my favorite food.

I could never get this to taste quite like my mom.

My computer is acting stupid again. I’m thinking when I get my vacation payout, I’ll pick me up a new one. Probably a laptop since it’s time to downsize to something to fit in the van when I get it.

I went and got some groceries the other day, so I probably won’t leave here until Monday morning when it’s time to go back to work.

Right now I’m finishing the laundry and will iron afterward.

Then I’m going to see if I can learn something new in WordPress.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend 🙂


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