Adding a blog post on a Monday??

Yes, weird right?

After months of testing every 14 days, I turned up IgM positive yesterday. No symptoms whatsoever and I’m wondering how many people I have accidently infected. I’ve been so careful. Always wear a mask. I stay away from people. I wipe everything down with alcohol multiple times a day. I just don’t get it!!

I tested T-Jay right away and he is still negative.

So I right away called my GM and Managers to let them know. I also called by relief at work and she is coming in in the mornings for me. I’ve been trying to call my medical provider, but their phones have been busy all morning. They must be swamped.

I’m at home for just one Monday morning and I’m already going stir crazy. For the last three hours I’ve been texting my co-worker directions on how to do my job. She did well, I’m impressed!! I’m glad I don’t have to worry about my job going to shit while I’m gone.

It’s going to be hard to keep busy this week.

Meanwhile I got a bag of vinegar hanging from my clogged up shower faucet. 🙂


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