WTF? Blog post on Tuesday?

I’ve been breaking my head trying to figure out how I could possible be Covid infected. I am so careful

I took another test this morning and got the same result.

I called my primary doctor yesterday and couldn’t get ahold of anyone. I left my number nobody ever called me back.

Finally I messaged Dr Vuong:

Good Morning, Dr V. Can you tell me if this is a positive result? Should the bottom red line not be higher up? Is that just blood that ended up there by using a drop of the buffer to get all the blood down in the center hole?

Dr. Duc Vuong sent Today at 9:15 AM

Can you send the photo?

You sent Today at 9:16 AM

Dr. Duc Vuong sent Today at 9:24 AM

Yes. That’s overflow from the blood well. Negative test

You sent Today at 9:25 AM

Phew….thank you. Now I can get back to work.

Dr. Duc Vuong sent Today at 9:29 AM

Meanwhile, my work sent me to get a rapid test in Warrenton, about 30 minutes away. They stuck a Q-tip up both my nostrils.

I just got the result back. I’m Negative!!!

Back to work tomorrow! I’m such a happy woman.


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