Relaxing Sunday

It’s been a strange week. When I got to work on Monday, three of my co-workers had tested positive for Covid. One in the rental department, one in the service department and one of my managers that I’m around all the time. Turns out his whole family tested positive. Luckily I’m not in much contact with the other two. It pays for me to get my work done before all the mangers turns up. I continue to get to work at 6:15 in the morning so that I can get most of my work done. Then I pack up and go to the reception’s desk out in front….away from the small room that the managers occupy. Today is the day that I test myself again.

LED motion sensor lights charging.

Since my light at the front door has some kind of electrical issue, I’ve been using LED sensored light out in the front yard. The one that I have out there now have been there since August of 2017. Some of them have been thrown around in the wind and also by the landscaping crew..

Those above are the ones that I have now. I added two more and moved them where no one will get too close to damage them. I’ll see how they do when it gets dark tonight.

LED in back yard

The one in the back yard has been there for six years and is still going strong. Yes, I have also have an issue with the light that’s supposed to be at the back door. I’ll deal with both front and back before I move. For now these will do the job.

Yesterday I made Crack Chicken in the crockpot. Instead of just chicken breasts, I added a pack of smoked turkey wings. It turned out really good and I have enough for the whole week for lunch.

Crack Chicken

I love gadgets!!! This gadgets sprays alcohol when you put your hand, keys, phone or whatever above it. I have one at home and two at work.

It’s come in handy when you just can’t wash your hands before you have to touch something.

I thought that maybe I could wash my car this weekend, but it’s 27 degrees outside. I can’t wait until it warms up a bit. It is just too cold. Let me stop bitching. This was in January 2016.

I just took the Covid rapid test and I’m still negative. Whoohoo!!

Ha, it looks like I almost have enough hair to go hunt for someone to cut it. I hope I find someone that know what they are doing this time. I don’t look forward to taking the clippers to my head again.

Nail wraps from

Nails for next week. I’m running low and will have to order new ones soon. I think I have two weeks worth left.

Ha, that’s more like it!! I can just about read a book in this light.


4 thoughts on “Relaxing Sunday”

  1. Hey girl! I always admire your nails I wish I could stop biting mine LOL! Your hair looks good don’t worry about finding somebody to soon

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