Sunday, August 22, 2021


I usually can’t fall asleep on Friday nights because I get off of work late and can’t get my brain to shut up. I don’t want to sleep in on Saturdays because that will screw up my sleep schedule. Besides, I get a shit load of stuff done in the AM. I am not a night person. After 3 PM everything is downhill from there.

So I made myself a big batch of Ignite. It has a shit load of caffeine in it and I thought it would help.

What the hell did I do that for???

I started the laundry right away and then I went to the store to pick up a few things at 6. When I got back I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. Then I got on my hands and knees to clean the upstairs hallway carpet. I had started on that last weekend, but the cat decided to puke on it.

Then I cleaned all the rugs and floors downstairs.

I Cooked.

Then I re-did the cover to my foot stool. It is just a thick fluffy towel, but oh it’s so soft.

Then I swept the sand out of my two parking spaces because that sand ends up all over the floor of my car.

Then I covered the white around the front windows and the door with SuperClean and hosed them off. I’ve decided to paint over the left over bits of vines.

Got a few weeds out of my flower (rubber) beds and planted three cactus.

Oh, and I ironed.

What a day. I took a nice hot shower and went to bed. I was asleep by 7:30.

I woke up this morning and had to think of what else there was to do.

I had planned to wet sand my car, but the touch up paint had sunk into the chips, so I put on another layer after I washed it this morning.

After all these years of looking for something that would make the old black plastic and rubber that turns gray and ashy after time look black again, I finally found something that works for more than just a week or so.

Lithium Trim Serum

This stuff is awesome. I just threw away a bunch of products that didn’t really work.

^^ This is the lock button which used to be light gray. This is so much better!! It was getting on my last nerve!!

Nail Glue Removal Tool

^^ I had one of these and had no idea where I got it from. I kept on checking the stores, but no luck. I didn’t even know what they were called. Finally found them by using Google Lens. They came last week from France. The material on the tip of these is like sand paper and gets any glue residue right off the nails.

I changed my mind on the pink. I think the blue looks much better.

Looks like September is going to be another rough month for work. Toyota is cutting 40% of their vehicles due to parts shortage. Meanwhile I go home early when I’m done with my work.

5Minute Glam Nails

Nails for the week.

That’s all I got. Have a great weekend everyone!!


6 thoughts on “Sunday, August 22, 2021”

  1. Wow, just wow! My bones would have been aching. Would love to have that energy though. We have been good. We lived in NC when I started following you, we’re in Florida now. I’ve got to get back to my blog. Take care, Sheila

    1. Hey, Sheila 🙂 I thought I was going to be sore too. I was surprised when I wasn’t. How is Florida? Are you a safe distance away from the coming hurricane? I miss your blog!!! You take care too. Be safe!!

      1. Yes we are safe, we are in Lake City, Fl. North central where I-75 and I-10 meet basically. The Gateway to Florida. Lol. We like it here. Thanks for asking! Sheilaq

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