August 15, 2020

Yesterday I started putting touch up paint on all the chips on my car.

Touch up paint

My hood and some on the side of the car is covered with dots of pain. I cleaned everything with alcohol and then with lacquer thinner before I started. I also smoothed the edges of all the chips.

Touch up paint

I’m going to wait until next weekend to wet sand and then polish the car. I’m hoping it turns out better looking than what it was. I’m a bit nervous about it since it’s my first time trying to do this. Hopefully I will like the way it turns out or else the stickers will go back on.

Creeping vines residue

This is what I have left on the house from the vines that I removed. I still haven’t figured out how to remove this mess. My HOA wants me to paint around the door and around the windows, but I don’t want to until I remove the residue from the vines. I will have to keep researching to see if anything takes this crap off. Nothing I have tried so far has made a difference.

Freeze dried bean chili mix

I have some emergency freeze dried food in the house and decided to try one of the meals out. It was ready in half an hour and didn’t taste bad at all.

Bean chili with cheese

I added some mozzarella cheese to it and it was delicious.

Not much else going on this weekend. I’m actually ready to go back to work.

5 Minute Glam Nails

Nails for the week. Hope everyone has a good one.


2 thoughts on “August 15, 2020”

  1. Yes, it’s not coming off. I could scrape it, but that would do more damage. Then there are chemicals which I don’t want to use. I’ll just paint over it. It just has to last until October next year.

  2. Good morning! Yeah vine residue is an issue. My neighbor has a creeping weeping fig that is absolutely gorgeous but I don’t like the fact that it crawls along my sliding fence heading to glass door and worries it harbors lizards and spiders so no thank you, too close to a door. Thankfully she keeps it trimmed away but there is some vine residue too. I’m wondering if a high-pressure water machine would take it off? Going to repaint it anyway so if some paint comes off that should be OK right. Good luck

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