Sunday, August 8, 2021

2007 Toyota Prius

I ‘ve removed the stickers from my car, now that I think I’m brave enough to tackle the chips and scratches. It might take a month of weekends to do this because there are so many of them. Of course I have to wait on touchup paint since the car is so old. Hopefully it will come in in the next couple of days.

I’ve made a few tools to be able to smooth out the edges of the chips by gluing small pieces of sand paper that I made using a hole-punch to the erasers of some pencils I had laying around.

Sand Paper Tipped Pencils

I also got a box of syringes and tips in different thicknesses for the paint so that I can fill in some of the deep, but fine scratches on the side of the car.

The person that owned this car before me did a great job of taking car of machine, but a lousy job of taking care of the body. There are blobs of touchup paint in the chips and he “painted” in the scratches. There is also tree sap that’s been on there so long, it crystalized. I will end up doing a lot of wet sanding on the front and sides of this car. The back is not so bad except for a dent in the center of the bumper. Don’t know what I will do about that yet. Hopefully I can live with it.

I removed the front and rear emblems. The one in the front was just going to get in my way. The back one not so much, but I figured why can’t my old Prius be fancy like the new ones?

New Prius Emblem

I didn’t stay outside too long this morning. It was hot and muggy before 10. So I stayed inside and kept myself busy.

One of the things I did was to put things away in my storage area in the dining room. As convenient as it is to have all my tools in a bucket where I can find everything, I still hated it sitting on the floor in the dining room.

My Tool Chest

That’s so much better. It was getting on my last nerve.

Things are getting really tight at work. One of the managers was let go last week. I was sharing my desk with him. Now I have my desk back. I missed it!!

Since the laws changed at the beginning of last month, I am no longer on salary and must be paid overtime if I work over 40 hours a week. I was contracted for a 45 hour work week so now I’m trying to kind of balance my hours in order not to go overboard on the overtime. I never liked riding the clock anyway, so when I’m done with my work and my co-worker is there, I take off early.

My co-worker is taking a vacation at the end of next month. I’ve got a crap load of overtime coming, and a crap load of messed up sleep schedule.

I’m practicing van-life. I bought a 4 inch mattress and put it on top of my existing mattress. My bed is now 36 inches tall and I need a stool to get into bed. My bed in the van will probably be even taller to make use of lots of storage underneath. I might as well get used to climbing to bed.

So far I haven’t fallen out of bed yet.

5Minute Glam Nails

Nails for the week.

Hope everyone has a good week.


2 thoughts on “Sunday, August 8, 2021”

  1. That’s pretty ingenious using pencil erasers and sandpaper. I remember when I first started reading you were in the camper. When are you planning to move to the van? Do you still do the side job of property pictures?

    1. Hey Sheila. Nice to hear from you 🙂 I’m getting the van in October of next year. No, I’m no longer doing inspections. I don’t have time because of my hours at work. How have you been doing?

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