Sunday, August 1, 2021

Big Berkey

What a gloomy weekend. By the time it cleared up it was too late to wash my car. Not that I needed to, there’s enough wax on it where the rain should clean her right up.

While I was looking for something to do inside, I decided to wash out my Berkey. It’s amazing to me that there is no slime or other crap in the bottom container. I was still spotlessly clean. I just washed everything with soap and water and she’s good to go.

New monitor on left.

Thursday one of my monitors started to act up. I tried everything but could not get it to work. Saturday I took the TCL Roku TV out of the dining room to use as the third monitor. It took me for ever to get it to switch to being a monitor, but I finally got it working. Today T-Jay helped me to get it fine tuned to make it easier to read. It had blurry issues.


There it is all set up. It’s huge compared to the other one, but that suits me just fine because I sit on the right side of it in front of my laptop when I type. This one being so large makes it so easy to read.

Vintage Leather Rucksack

This is my all time favorite work bag. It is the perfect size. Enough for an umbrella, a cup of coffee and my container of ice tea. There are plenty of pockets for everything I carry around with me at work. There is even enough room for my drill.

My mom bought this for me at a flea-market about four years ago. Ever since then I’ve been keeping my eye out for another one like that in case this one breaks.

Thursday, it happened. The strap broke.

I went home and used Google Lens to take a photo of it, but no love. There is nothing like it popping up on the internet. I wonder how old this bag is. It was used when I got it.

Zip-ties and Duct-tape can fix just about anything.

So until I find an new bag like it, it’s zip-tied together and seems to be okay for now.

Silly after her bath

I gave Silly her bath earlier. I was on her shit list for a while and she went to T-Jay to complain, I guess. Sounded like she was cursing my out.

Silly in her house

We’ve made up again. Now she is cozy in her heated home.

5Minute Glam Nails

Nails for the week. Yes my hands looks awfully dry, but it’s because I scrubbed my nails before putting the new 5Minute Glam nails on. I’ll moisturize after I put on a layer of Hoof Lacquer and a coat of instant dry top-coat.

I have to take inventory at work tomorrow morning. It shouldn’t take long since we only have 27 cars on the ground right now. Gone are the days were I had to touch 300 or more cars on inventory day.

That’s all I got. Stay well everyone!!


4 thoughts on “Sunday, August 1, 2021”

  1. No, it is not a homemade Berkey, it’s called the Big Berkey. I have the small stainless steel one too. That will be going with me in the van.

    1. So are you going to live in your van or just vacation in your van I know you gonna take silly and your son with you or is it just Tango time?

  2. Interesting is that a homemade Berkey? All the ones I’ve seen are stainless steel. That’s interesting. I use brita filters & also I have a GE whole house filter system a great price & I’m happy with that result, but I was eyeballing that Berkey 🙃

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