Monday 05.22.23 Cabinets

I bought 4 of these wooden crates to use for the cabinet.

I used my head this time and stained everything before hand so that it wouldn’t stink up the van. Since it was supposed to rain, I put them in my shed overnight.

This is the trim I’m using to keep things from sliding out when I make a turn.

Here it is all put together. I ran out of black screws, and that’s going to get on my nerves. I’ll probably paint them black.

This is the view from the back.

With the bed down.

I’ll have to find some baskets or something to put in the cubby holes.

In couch mode with a folding Bamboo table in front. I can store it behind the cabinet when not in use. I also have a Lagoon table that I need to attach somewhere. It swivels.

Thursday, Mark, our Service Manager, drilled a hole in the van and installed my plug.

Now I can plug into a home or into a camping ground to use their electricity instead of mine.

This end will go into a multi-plug surge protector inside the van.

Next Sunday, I will install the kitchen and water.

I’ll also place the refrigerator/freezer.

Another thing I will have to figure out is how to attach the black-out curtains behind the seat.

It’s coming along. 🙂


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