Is This What I Have To Look Forward To If… 11/05/2012

….I ever decide to rent out my townhouse instead of selling it?

I feel so sorry for the owners.  They were out there two and a half days cleaning their townhouse out.  Walking in and out with tools to fix things.  It’s no wonder the renters practically lived in their front yard.  There must not have been any room left on the inside.

If this is a cold that I have, it’s the strangest one ever.   I feel great.  No more sneezing or runny nose.  I did lose my voice over night, but it’s back.  LOL…this must be the shortest imitation cold I’ve ever had.  Years ago I would have been miserable by now and probably staying home from work.  It’s like my body is saying “okay, you’re getting a cold” and then a few hours it says “just kidding.”  LDN is awesome combined with eating real food!

It’s supposed to get down to 26 degrees tonight.  I have a crock pot of beans cooking.  When I come home tonight, I’ll turn that into some chili for tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning I will go to vote and then it’s off to hug my mom’s neck. 🙂

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