Sunday 11.20.2011

I had to go chase cars in the Haymarket area this morning.  That was good timing because I needed some eggs and I had a craving for some good old fashioned country bacon…minus the chemicals.  I miss not being able to stop by the Buckland Farm Market every couple of days, but now it’s out of my way unless I’m chasing something on that end.  It’s always a pleasure to stop by and I love how everyone asks where I’ve been so long and how I’m doing. 🙂  Sure don’t get that in any of the stores that I visit in Manassas.

LOL…this must be a chicken condo?

Some critters munching on some goodies.  Donkey’s?

I had a chance to catch up on some reading this afternoon and found 
this, the Field Agent  , it’s an IPhone application that pays you.  Now I wish I had an IPhone  instead of my Android.  Would be nice to catch other small jobs while I’m running around chasing cars.  Too bad I won’t be getting an upgrade until 2013 with Sprint.   Crap!  I wonder if there is anything I can do about it that would be in my budget.  I’ll have to research it.
This is what met me when I got home.

Diana send me an update for “LDN Notes By Diana”, look on the top right side.
I love the way she keeps it fresh!!
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