Still Waiting, Birds Are Back, and ING…. 10/18/2012

It’s 5:16 PM and still no UPS truck, no computer.

I was hoping to get it before going to work since it’s supposed to be raining later!  Also, I now have thugs renting across the street from me, yes, the same family who’s 4-year-old child cursed me out last week…. and I really don’t want a package sitting outside.

Remember the bird problems I had back in May?

I thought she had raised her babies and moved on.  Well….she’s back!  Knocking and scratching inside my bedroom wall between 8 and 8:30 in the morning,  EVERY DAY.   Ha, even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to  sleep in. Rat Bastard…..or is it Rat Bitch?

Awesome….I just got word that my computer has been delivered and is safe and sound inside my home!  I can’t wait to get off of work  so that I can switch the operating system to Ubuntu and get rid of Windows so that I can hook up the extra monitor.    Then I’ll be ready to work tomorrow. 🙂

I have had an ING Direct bank account for many years now.  I mostly use it as a savings/emergency account.  The other night I was reading another interesting  new post on Technomadia about banking while being on the road.  I decided to check out the iPhone app for ING.  That night, I had a check that I needed to deposit from one of my car chases.  Using the application I took a photo of the front and back of the check and sent it to ING.

The next morning I received an email telling me that the money was deposited and for me to void/destroy the check.   This is pretty awesome, since it would have taken three days for the money to be available if I would have driven to my bank here in town.  I’ll be using this service a lot from now on. 🙂   Too bad they don’t take cash.

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