What? No Turkey Necks?? 10/23/2012

I went to Wilson’s Meat Market to get some turkey necks and some Cajun Sausage.   I was told they were out of turkey necks.  WTF?  I thought that was kind of strange, didn’t know they were that popular over here.  Turns out people are making dog food out of them.   I settled for some turkey wings instead.

Hopefully it won’t take too long for them to defrost.   Meanwhile I see my pussy snoozing under the covers.  She must have gotten cold this morning.   Just wish she would learn to make the bed after she gets up.

I cut the wing tips off since there isn’t much meat on them.   Rubbed on some Creole Seasoning, basil, garlic and a bit of dill.  Ha, that’s a lot of meat!!! 🙂

So much meat, I had to put it in my stock pot.

I even remembered to take off the cover to the lid handle.  One time I forgot and I had to throw away the food.  Talk about some toxic stench coming from my oven.  It was really bad!!

Okay, off in the oven she goes.  I sure hope it gets done before I have to go to work!!!



For the past couple of months, I have noticed this sign on the right side of Nokesville Rd.  Of course I’m driving 45 to 55 miles an hour and can only read bits and pieces of it at a time without running off of the road.  This morning I decided to pull in the driveway and read it up close.

Seems that some one is pretty pissed at the county.


Tada!!! Just in time!

Pretty good, but it’s not turkey necks and just doesn’t taste the same.  Tomorrow I’ll add some sauerkraut.   I guess I’ll have to go back to Wilson’s to rescue the turkey necks from the dogs when they come in.

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